Fantasy Blackjack

PopUp 21 adds a unique gameplay style onto the core mechanics of blackjack. A deck of playing cards become game characters. Betting tables become kingdoms waiting to be plundered. All the great features are included such as: splitting, double down, surrender, also included is a built-in strategy advisor which aides in your decision making throughout the gameplay.

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PopUp 21 In Game Screenshot

You can play a quickplay session or start a campaign with a progress map that takes you around multiple kingdoms. Below are screenshots of an in-game quickplay session.


Full-Featured Blackjack Game

PopUp 21 comes with plenty of classic features and some great improvements for winning all the gold in the kingdom.

Full Deck of Characters

We've taken the classic deck of playing cards and turned each one of them into game characters.

Single Card Deck

PopUp 21 currently uses only a single deck of cards. Future versions will use multiple decks.

Progressive Betting Tables

Kingdoms replace the concept of a casino table. Each kingdom has a progressive minimum bet.

Single Level Splitting

If you get two-of-a-kind on your initial draw, you can split the cards for a dual hand...but only one time.

Double Down

Any time you can double your bet. You get one additional card and after that it's the dealer's turn.

Strategy Advisor

Receive a statistical recommendation for your next move. Just like the strategy cards you get at casinos.

Full Surrender Reset

The surrender option ends your hand, however, you forfeit your entire bet rather than only half.

Progressive Map

Progress through multiple kingdoms within the entire game. Each one has a minimum bet value.

Instant Win on 21

A blackjack pays out more, however, any outcome of 21 in any combination activates an instant win.


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